Strasburg Mural: What’s the Word?

In October of 2015 Strasburg had a New York City street artist who creates under the name gilf! paint our first mural in the town. What was amazing about this project is how quickly it went through the normally clogged red tape arteries of our town policies and ordinances. Although it was painted on private business property (Pot Town Organics), there are many rules to keep the aesthetic appeal of our quaint and charming little town quaint and charming. And so it helped that some of the more liberal politicians got on board with this right away and pushed it through. There was only a small window of opportunity and for once, this slow-moving town jumped.

And then came the backlash.

People were surprised that it was geometrical and not flowers or a mountain or another depiction of nature. I was too, honestly, but I was not disappointed, because other than the mural and mascot statue at the high school, this town is devoid of outdoor art. And so any art, especially art that gets people talking about art, to me, is successful.

There is a hidden word in this mural. Can you see what it is?

Strasburg's First Mural

Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola:Jungle Green

12 thoughts on “Strasburg Mural: What’s the Word?

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