After the Show

Lily and Herman, married for 35 years, were enjoying their empty nest after the last of their kids graduated college two years ago. Herman had tinkered with a show car for years and last winter he had put the finishing touches on it.

They took their cars (they now had two) to shows across the country. They mixed easily with the other owners, most of them too, were empty nesters.

Lily and Herman were closer than they had been in years and then they got the phone call that would change their lives again.

They were going to be grandparents.


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58 thoughts on “After the Show

  1. Not going to be empty nesters for long ! Being a grandparent is great, you can get the children all excited then give them back… Seriously, it’s a lovely story and being a grandparent is amazing πŸ˜€


  2. Lovely story! My sister just became a grandmother last year. She still owns her own business, but she loves to visit her out-of-state granddaughter as often as possible πŸ™‚


  3. Is this Lily and Herman from The Munsters? If so, I’m anxious to see what the grandchild looks like. We’re supposed to have all 5 of ours over tonight for a sleepover. It’s fun, but it sure wears us out.


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