Friday After School



Jason barreled out of school headed for the car. He glimpsed an unfamiliar silhouette sitting in his seat and stopped short. “Who is that?” he asked his mother when she caught up to him. “Just a friend. We’re gonna get a pizza and go back to the house. It will be fun” she said. Jason knew it wouldn’t. Not for him. He didn’t like his mother’s friends; not the male friends, anyway.

In the car his mother introduced her friend. He barely acknowledged Jason. It seemed he didn’t like kids any more than Jason liked his mother’s friends. Jason was fine with that.

At home, Jason ate his pizza in silence and scowled at the two adults in front of him. The man was whispering in his mother’s ear and making her laugh. Jason felt nauseated, he excused himself, saying he was going to play his X-box in his room. Really he was still hungry but he knew he could sneak out later and get more pizza, right now all he wanted to do was get away from his mother and her friend.

Jason sat up in his bed and placed the headphones on his head. He switched on the game and entered a world where he could be a hero and blow up the bad guys, like the ones who whispered in his mother’s ear. Kapow!

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6 thoughts on “Friday After School

  1. A shame when the kids have a mother who brings home different people on a regular basis. At least she didn’t get him to call them dad, or uncle.

    Well written, you can feel the emotions in the kid.


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