Keep on Running

It had been ten years since Shelly had been home. It was dangerous, she knew, but she went anyway. When her mother saw her the two women fell into a tearful embrace. They held tight until her brother pulled them apart.

Her mother set to work in the kitchen, frying chicken, calling family. By 2:00 the house was full. There were many more tears but the joy to her mother’s ears was the laughter.

At 5:00 the police were at the door. “We hear that Shelly is home”. The family stood in stunned silence. They turned to look for Shelly. But she was gone.


This week’s photo: © Sean Fallon

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.

51 thoughts on “Keep on Running

  1. Nice tale you’ve spun here. I agree with the others. It definitely sounds like the beginning of a longer piece. My money is on the brother tipping off the police.


    • We’re not sure. It might have been cousin Willie’s ex girlfriend. 😉 Willie called her and invited her over cause she and Shelly used to be close and the truth is Willie still has a thing for her. But she didn’t go cause she told her mom about it and her mother told her she should stay away from that whole family cause they weren’t nothing but trouble.


  2. At least she got to see everyone in a festive way! I’m glad it wasn’t all tears and sadness. Love the theme you built in here with her running. Nice one, Dawn.


    • Well since she has never actually been arrested it’s mostly speculation, but she used to work for the local Dentist. Rumor was they were having an affair. His wife found out and threatened to divorce him, take half of everything and relegate visits with his children to every other weekend. So he fired Shelly but not before sleeping with her one more time.

      Shelly was hurt but more so she was embarrassed. The dentist and his family went on vacation and while they were gone someone with a key to the house and the knowledge of the alarm codes ans combinations to the safes broke in and cleaned them out. Of course we don’t know for sure that it was Shelly but this is the first time she has been seen in town since that night.

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