Best of the Week: In the small scheme of things

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures this week because I am still under the weather (yes I know, it has been 4 weeks. I’m old. I do not heal as quickly as I used to. Oh well. If you are lucky you will be old one day too).

When I have been out I am more drawn to abandoned houses than I ever have been because of my upcoming debut in Shenandoah Living Magazine. It has not printed yet but believe me, when it does, you will hear about it, right here!

And if the editors call for more Abandoned Houses from Shenandoah County I want them to know, I will be ready!

This week’s Best of is an abandoned home on Wolf Gap Road. Before I even realized it was abandoned I was drawn to this home by the flowering quince, the forsythia, and the daffodils, that surround it. Somebody loved this home once, I can’t help but wonder “Where did they go?”

Abandoned quince forsythia daffodils

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is the season that showcases the vibrancy of pinks and purples, and of course, yellows. Click here to see how Spring has sprung in my neighborhood.

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