Music Monday: Free As We’ll Ever Be

In April 2011 my ex and I spent a weekend creating a video slide show using our pictures and the song Free by Zac Brown Band. It was our 6 month anniversary and our happiest one together.

We fought a lot during our two-year run, and the relationship, though full of laughter was also tumultuous. He is now married and hopefully, living happily ever after. I look at this not with regret or sadness but with a smile for the time that it was. I hope he feels the same.

Music Mondays

I have created an album on my facebook page called Words to Sing By to accompany this weekly post. Check it out!

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Free As We’ll Ever Be

  1. Nice video slide show, Dawn. Is it aging or what? More and more I am grateful for what I had had, and not feeling sad for not having it anymore. 😉
    Have a great day.


    • Well this ex. I was never married to and we were really only together a little over two years. And although i do not hold any grudges against the two ex husbands, it took me much longer to get there. It’s just so much easier to live my life this way. So basically, I am lazy. lol

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  2. What an adorable slide show! I’m glad you are able to look on this time with a smile instead of regret. Seeing how happy you look in the slides made me smile!


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