Six Word Saturday ~ I’m Stretching my 15 to 20

As I mentioned in a earlier post (here) I was contacted by the local magazine, Shenandoah Living about using some of my photos of abandoned homes in Shenandoah County.

Many of the same photos can be seen here on my blog in posts about Abandoned in Shenandoah County. That title even made the cover of the magazine.

This magazine is free and available now on newsstands throughout the valley in most Food Lions and in Shenandoah County at Hotel Strasburg, Woodstock Cafe, and The Edinburg Mill

Many thanks to Linda from The View from Squirrel Ridge for alerting me and sharing this picture she took of her copy with me and my facebook friends. We’ve had a ball with this!

Scan from S Living by Linda Wacroft

15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ I’m Stretching my 15 to 20

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