Growing Chives for Dinner

A few years ago I planted some chives in a planter and set it in what should be a flower bed if I had the creativity and gumption to have a flower bed. I planted some other herbs around here and there but by winter, of course, they were gone; except for the chives. Chives are wonderful. They die off in the winter and come back every spring, and I do nothing but trim them and sprinkle them on a great big ole baked potato and have them for dinner. Yum!

My garden chives

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

3 thoughts on “Growing Chives for Dinner

  1. Chives are a wonderful, forgiving plant! I have some but I never eat them because I’m afraid the cats or dog have peed on them. I should put them in a pot, up out of pee’s way. 🙂


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