Taking Stock: April 2016

Drinking : Frozen Margaritas while painting, with my son’s beautiful girlfriend.

Haley's art work...margarita finished.

Haley’s art work…margarita finished.

Cooking : Asparagus from the farmer’s market…yum!
Reading: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (one of the classics from my list that I have never read)
Playing: Words With Friends, always.
Enjoying: My time in the spotlight.
Loving: This inspirational story of youthful dreams coming true.
Buying: Awesome new bed pillows. I truly think these Charisma Down Alternative Bed Pillows are the best pillows I have ever bought.
Marveling: At these two: (click)
Noticing: My poor lilacs, victim to this year’s spring drought.
Admiring: Hugh Jackman, not the actor, but the salesman.
Feeling: Optimistic by stories like this.
Hearing: Lots of song birds in the morning.

Taking Stock


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