Small Town. Big Election.

Strasburg’s mayor, Tim Taylor has decided to give up the post he has held for eight years in order to spend time with family and pursue other projects he feels need his attention. For the first time in as many years, we have a mayoral race. It’s been interesting. There are three candidates to choose from in today’s election.

Rich Orndorff a life-long resident and former mayor has served on the town council off and on since 1990.

Orndorff sign

Don LeVine moved here from the Maryland suburbs and was elected to the town council in 2003.

LeVine Sign

Our third candidate is Justin Ritenour, also a Strasburg native and former councilman. Justin is our youngest candidate, LeVine the oldest and Orndorff in between.

Ritenour sign

I’ve been watching this race, arm chair style, on facebook and talking to friends. LeVine dismisses facebook and Ritenour doesn’t use it to his advantage. Both candidates have been knocking on doors and talking to people face t face to get their message across. They both claim that as the best way to garner votes and that they have talked to 2000 people each since the race began. Only 4,500 more to go.

Orndorff has a heavy facebook presence and has organized a few meet and greets. He is easy to talk to and reach but has a bit of a bad boy reputation that could hurt him.

LeVine has a reputation for being “snooty”. I’ve never met him but I suspect he may be more introverted than the outgoing Orndorff and therefore labeled as “snooty”.

Ritenour is too young to have much of a reputation. His detractors say he is too busy to be mayor. Not much of an argument, if you ask me.The forecast today calls for scattered showers. I think Ritenour will suffer most from the weather. Folks who were undecided or ambivalent about the other two candidates may have chosen Ritenour, but now I suspect they will just stay home.

Each candidate brings a love of town and duty to the table and their own sense of governing. It looks to be a close race but it will all be over in a few hours and as they say, may the best man win and no matter what, you have to admire them all for trying.

14 thoughts on “Small Town. Big Election.

  1. It’s funny how even the weather can effect a town election isn’t i?. Our town elections were yesterday too. We were choosing between a 20 year old Wunderkind and a goat farmer. I haven’t read which candidate won


  2. Wow, I’m very impressed with your view on this election. It was beautiful written. It’s definitely been a smear campaign to say the least by some. This was a breath of fresh air.


  3. Well folks – the people voted for their good ole boy, Richard Orndorff. Fast forward: Now it’s September 2019 and we’ve got this mayor back in the news for drinking/driving and smashing in to the town’s library during the Mayfest Celebration. D√©j√† vu? Maybe the more reserved Don LeVine would have been the better choice after all.

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