Addicted to the Thunder

Abigail heard the thunderous cheer as she crossed the footbridge. She looked over to the lights of the concert hall and was overcome by a rush of emotion. The vibration of the applause pulled at her and she realized it was that noise that she would miss the most.

She remembered a time when the sweetest sound was the music her violin made when she played it. It soothed her and gave her joy. She practiced for hours just for the pleasure of it. She missed that joy and decided it was to time to find it again.



Friday Fictioneers is a weekly 100 word writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt. Click here to read other stories.


49 thoughts on “Addicted to the Thunder

  1. I’m left pondering the backstory of this. The whys and hows of being a concert violinist and leaving it all behind for love or family or injury or whatever it may be. But I feel like the future has been decided and she will definitely pick the bow back up. ☺


  2. As a musician myself, I know the feelings well. There’s a time to give it up, maybe a time to bring it back. Music always intoxicates, regardless. Good stuff, Dawn!


  3. nice story. I tried playing the violin once, but neighbours threatened to report me to Animal Welfare!…hey, it only sounded like someone was torturing a cat….I would never do that….


  4. I love this story. So much insight about music and why people get instrinsic (or extrinsic) satisfaction from–doing it for the sheer joy, or for personal validation by the audience–probably needing both.

    I saw this as a photo of a concert venue as well. 🙂


  5. I’m glad she’s going back to the sweetest sound, which is that of her violin, and not that of thunderous applause.
    I can relate to that as a guitarist in the process of getting back my chops on my instrument, after a long gap.


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