I’m Honored to Call Carole “Friend”

I have written about many of my friends in this blog, even given some of them their own posts but one that I have neglected is Carole. The neglect is from procrastination really. I always knew she deserved her own shout out, I just never really got around to it, until now.

Carole and I have been friends for a couple of dozen years but we really only started hanging out the last ten years or so. Our passion for photography is our strongest bond but we also enjoy a love of music, wine, and laughter. Carole is an avid travel but she is much more adventurous than I am, taking trips overseas and to the West Coast of the United States; but for day-tripping, she is my go-to gal.

Carole has a genuine soft spot for animals and it is when she is loving on some random dog or cat that I can really see her heart. Just thinking of it now makes me smile. I consider myself very lucky that Carole is my friend.

Travel Theme: Friendship


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