Best of the Week: Do You Remember Tint?

Recently I was looking at a magazine and noticed the cover had too much tint. For some reason that thought took me back in time to when I first learned that tint meant green. Now younger people will have no idea what I am talking about but many others will.

There used to be tuner, a knob, if you will behind the knob on the television we used to change the channels with. That little dial helped you control the color on your set. You turned it one way for more red and another for less green (the tint).

I don’t know why I thought about that but I did and then while editing this picture I thought of it again. And just to clarify, the wall behind the bench is green (you can see it here) so the tint is just right.

Do you remember Tint

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. It is the season that showcases the vibrancy of pinks and purples, and of course, yellows. Click here to see how Spring has sprung in my neighborhood.

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