Travel Theme: Camping

I used to camp, years ago, during my second marriage (I almost said in another lifetime, which also would have been correct). I had a tote that had an index card taped to the inside of the lid with a list of essentials that needed to be in that box before we set out. There were things like: a cloth clothes line, not a nylon cord but the rope kind, and of course clothes pins. Dry matches seem like a no brainer but unless they are on the list, along with a dish rag and towel, a small basin and a travel size bottle of Dawn (which I of course filled from my full-sized bottle at home); they are easy to forget.

The point is, I used to be a serious camper.
But no more.
My last camping experience was in a cabin and even that didn’t go well.
My siblings camp all the time. I am not off on weekends to join them.
Not that I would.
I told them if they want me to “camp” with them to be sure to choose some place that has a nice motel near by.
Preferably with a pool.

Stonewall Jackson Hotel(e)# (20)

Travel Theme: Camping

10 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Camping

  1. I totally agree with you. I camped a lot as a child when it was more of an adventure. I camped around Europe. Now, give me a decent bed and shower when on holiday. And a kitchen too.


  2. Up until recently I would have agreed. After spending my childhood traveling and camping all over the place, my version of camping had been a 3 star hotel! But recent events have caused me to now own a SUV, a Tent and Sleeping bag (plus a few other essential). Some of the places I wish to visit have NO motel nearby and camping is my only choice. Not loving it, but I am surviving it; in very small doses.


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