Age is but a Number

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately. I guess you do that as you get older. Two of my facebook friends died this past week. One, I was surprised to learn was a year younger than me when all these thirty years since I first met him I always thought he was older. Both men were killed by diseases that seem to take a lot of people I’ve known. The younger man died of a heroin overdose. He was 54 years old. My other friend, though older, always seemed so much younger, lost his fight with cancer.

My friends and I we forge on. We shop, have lunch, sip wine, laugh, and then stop to think of those who have gone before us. We say “we all die” and then grow quiet.

I remember my grandmother telling me that she was ready to die. I was in my twenties and she was in her 80’s. “Please don’t say that Grandmother!” I begged. “Everyone is gone” she said “my parents, my brothers and my sisters, my friends.”

I didn’t understand it then.
I do now.


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9 thoughts on “Age is but a Number

  1. This is such a good post, Dawn. And I’ve thought, also, about how so many of the important people in my life are gone on to be with the Lord. Most of my close family and several wonderful friends. Yet I don’t feel that I’m old enough to have lost so many of them yet. But life really is different — not nearly as bright — with so many of them absent from it.


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