Simple. Pure. Beautiful.

A few weeks ago I went with my friend Kathy for an afternoon out. We stopped at The Dayton Market where Kathy likes to browse and I like to take pictures. Kathy saw this beautiful woman fiddling with some flowers and was drawn to her. My dear friend was so touched by this woman’s appearance and demeanor it brought tears to her eyes.

The lady was attaching small watering tubes to leftover roses from a wedding earlier in the day. The bride had given instructions to give them to whomever might appreciate them (we each got one). The whole exchange took place within my peripheral but the simple, pure, beauty of the moment went straight to my heart. The woman, yes, was beautiful, in every sense of the word, but my friend, well this is why she is my friend, simple, pure, beautiful moments like these.

Kathy and the Mennonite Lady

Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

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