Funny Dreams

Suzanne opened the door to a room with an old player piano. Two legs sticking out began to kick and scream as she passed. The piano’s playing muffled the screams of “Get me out of here!” and then as she walked by “Suzanne! Get me out of here!” She looked around but there was no one else in the room.

She walked to the player and pulled the legs until the pants came off in her hands. A bare bottom looked her square in the eye. The voice cackled and the piano played Bad Moon Rising.

Suzanne woke in a cold sweat and vowed no more snacks before bed time.

This week’s photo: Copyright -John Nixon is a repeat from June 2013. I wrote a different story on that day and if you’d like you can read it by clicking here. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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61 thoughts on “Funny Dreams

  1. Hahaha! Bad moon rising! Oh man I had this weird dream a couple nights ago, about someone who was thinking of moonlighting as a nudist and I was like no one will pay for you for that – oh I get it. True story. There must be something in the air.


  2. I was smiling all the way to bed, then I started sweating. No more curries that’s what I say. Nice one Dawn.


  3. Dear Dawn,

    That’s quite a dream…one that will stick with her for a while. As a side note…every time I hear t his song I replace “There’s a bad moon on the rise.” with “There’s a bathroom on the right.” 😉



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  4. Hehhe, thanks for the laugh. Hilarious piece. That’s the kind of dream that makes you wtf? in the morning.


  5. I loved this! Very funny, and that song at the end. Perfect response to the disappearing legs, and “a bare bottom that looked her square in the eyes” (the phrasing of that left me in a sort of stupefied daze).


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