One Night Out of Town

I sat at the bar and spotted him across the room. I was immediately attracted to him and let him know in my subtle female way. I turned in the bar stool to face him and crossed my legs letting the top one stretch in his direction. I gave him my best sultry look and when he glanced up I smirked seductively.

He came straight for me and when he reached my outstretched leg his fingers teased me all the way to my knee. He could have had me right then and there but I wasn’t about to let him know that.

We turned so that we were shoulder to shoulder belly up to the bar and he touched my finger where the indentation was.
“Where’s your ring?”
“It doesn’t go with my outfit”.
“This outfit?”
“No, the one in my room” I said as I slipped him my extra key and made my way to the elevator without a backwards glance.

A few moments later I lay naked and waiting for him in the hotel room bed. My body and my imagination were on fire when I heard the key in the lock.

I looked up to see my husband in the dim light and in his eyes I saw his excitement matched my own.

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