Sky Watch Friday: Does My Pearl Match the Clouds?

A few months ago in my photo group on facebook the theme was hands and feet. I don’t have a lot of pictures of hands and feet. I knew for quite a while the theme that was coming up and so I had made plans to get pictures of (especially) hands.
I thought I might go ask some people if I could take pictures of their hands.
Like the guys next door building a house.
Like my young friend, expecting her first baby. I’d love to have a picture of her hands on her belly.
Like Michael or Hector’s hands tattooing someone.
Like Diane creating a new doll or Carolyn, paintbrush in hand.
Like Belinda or Kathy working in the garden or Steve taking pictures.
But no…I’m too introverted or shy or backward to ask for anyone to pose for me so all I have is this picture of my very own hand.
I’m wearing my birthstone ring.
Pearls anyone?

Does My Pearl Match the Clouds

Sky Watch Friday


11 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Does My Pearl Match the Clouds?

  1. Oh D- u need to ask each of those folks for a hands photo – they likely would be honored!
    And you pearl does match the clouds – and your nails are beautiful too – also / the watch blends right in and quite a fun shot!


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