Weekly Quote: Labels and a Lesson

I saw this great video on Facebook I wanted to share today and so I was off to create a quote poster to go with it. I found a beautiful quote by Billy Graham but I am not a fan of the man because of his narrow-minded views on Gays and people from outside the Christian faith.

This week, after the disturbing violence from Baton Rouge to Dallas I shared a quote on my personal facebook page from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. You can read that quote in part here. A friend of a friend commented that it was a nice thought but “FDR abused the civil rights of our citizens of Japanese ancestry”. A good point and one I had not thought of but it doesn’t change the quote, at least not in my view. The same goes for this one from Graham.

Graham A Mans Soul

See my facebook page to view all of the posters I have created from quotes.


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