Six Word Saturday ~ My Political Beliefs are Just That

I don’t usually get political on my blog. I don’t want to alienate anyone who might judge me for my political beliefs without knowing all of me. I am much more than my political beliefs. I always say that we should come together over the things we share rather than split apart over our differences.

A close member of my family is a conspiracy theorist and although I often disagree with many of the extremes of his beliefs I try to listen to him and see where we can come together.

The assertion that “they” work to divide us, by race, by culture, by sex, (or sexual orientation), by religion, or by emotional issues (gun control and abortion to name two) is the most convincing argument he has. The conspiracy to “keep the little man down”, to control him and keep him as their minions is also another theory I can buy into.

That being said I also believe in making your own way, honest work, the golden rule, and making smart decisions.

Aaahhh….smart decisions. It all comes back around, doesn’t it?

Pause and Reflect Twain


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