Best of the Week: Bye Bye Birdy Begonia

One evening shortly after I woke up to go in to my night shift job I went out on the porch to water my flowers. I tilted the can up to reach the hanging begonia and a bird flew out startling me, causing me to dump the water on my head. (I daresay it would have made a good funniest video.) I thought the bird might be making a nest so I took the pot down and set it on the table. I then went in to shower.

An hour later, leaving for work I glanced inside the pot and was dismayed to see a nest not only completed but occupied. I thought about it on my drive to work and kicked myself for not returning the pot to where it was. In the morning, after my twelve-hour shift. I got this picture and hung the pot back up but as you can guess it was too late and the mother bird didn’t return.

Bye Bye Birdy

Follow this link to see Summer in my world.


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