Taking Stock: July 2016

Cooking : Sweet and sour chicken and stir fried rice. (Although I still love the take out versions better)
Drinking : Lots of lemonade to keep cool and kidney stones at bay.
Reading: Finished After the Lie and loved it. Read my review here.
Wanting:to visit Virgin Islands National Park
Playing: Words with Friends (Always)
Deciding: I found the perfect husband. Click here to meet him.
Enjoying: Marren Morris Look for her soon on my weekly post : Music Mondays
Pondering: A way to get my flash fiction published. The French have an idea. Click here.
Marveling: at Nicolas Tesla and wanting to remind myself to share his story with my son, the electric lineman. ❤
Admiring: Artist, Kadir Nelson.
Hearing: The sounds of nail guns building the house next door, so close I could spit on it.
Ugh next door
Taking Stock

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