Weekly Quote: Make Up!

I was getting ready for work the other night and while applying my make up I was thinking about all the years and all the goop I have piled on in the past. I hear there is a movement about encouraging women to forgo make-up. I wear very little of it these days.

I still apply some light powder because my face is so oily, and any, and I mean ANY liquid I use only makes it worse. I remember being a young woman and having oily skin (and hair) and looking forward to being old and not having oily skin any more. Well, I am half past 50 and I am still dealing with it so I am not sure how “old” you have to be to get over that!

I still wear eye liner on my lower lid and I still match the color to my outfit. Sometimes its brown, black, green, or blue. I never did wear liner much on my upper lid, I could never get it straight, I quit trying 20 years ago.

I’ve completely given up lipstick. Sometimes, though, I actually miss it.

I still rarely leave the house without mascara, although it is only on my upper lashes. I used to try to conceal the dark circles under my eyes and gave up mascara on my lower lashes during that fight. I’m used to the circles now. For some reason they do not bother me.

Little of it bothers me any more and I find that odd. I was so much prettier when I was younger and yet I felt the need to try to hide every perceived flaw. now my face is lined with scars, wrinkles, and blemishes and I barely give them a second thought.


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