Black and White: Trees

A good thing about some of these challenges is that they make me do some organizing. I found these pictures of winter trees in a folder called “Black and White to be Sorted”.

It’s a typical hot and hazy August here and still plenty green so I hope you can appreciate these colorless shots from the colder months.

Please click on the individual picture to get a clearer view of that image

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trees

Follow this link to see more of how I see Life in Black in White.

9 thoughts on “Black and White: Trees

  1. These are excellent. I find it hard to pick a favourite. I’ve hardly ever seen snow and find it to be nasty cold, wet stuff. Your photos almost make me wish I saw it more often. I like the way you have used the challenge to get organised. I might follow your example.


  2. I did appreciate the colorless shots D- not what I expected as we a winding down from the beach with an orange sunset – ☀️😎
    and speaking of color- yesterday we noticed some yellow and hint of light orange in trees and shrubs along the interstate – the hot, dry month has led to what looked like fall colors – I don’t recall seeing that before -either way-it was nice to see the snow – 😉


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