Sunday Photo Fiction: What’s Left Behind

Jeremy kept wiping his sweaty palms on his pants while he packed. He knew that this was not the time to get nervous. He’d made enough mistakes but if he just stayed calm for the next 72 hours he would be home free.

He checked once more with the online bank and saw that all the money had been transferred. It would be waiting for him along with a new identity.

He peaked out the window. The tide was still coming in. This was good. It was when the water receded that they would most likely find her.

He felt a twinge of sympathy for his in-laws. They had accepted, so easily, his story of how their daughter ran off; she always was a wild thing. They had been so good to him. He would miss the Sunday dinners and all the attention. He made a mental note to be sure his next wife had a mother that could cook.


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge of about 200 words based on the provided photograph. To read other stories click here.

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