Six Word Saturday ~ Christmas Shopping for my Friends -Done

This is the cover for my 2017 Calendar. Notice a problem? Yup..wrong date. That’s totally my fault and I never noticed it until I announced the winner of the contest. Of course I can still sell these, the cover is the only thing wrong, but I can’t really leave them on display in a store or shop to sell, people will think they are old.

So guess what everyone on my list is getting for Christmas? Yup. And if you are on my list and you are reading this…oops…sorry to spoil the surprise.


9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Christmas Shopping for my Friends -Done

  1. I think if you cross 2016 out and write 2017 , you can still sell it in the store. It tells us how fast time flies and may even bring smile to people’s face. Just a thought…


  2. I had to laugh, of course — not at you, but with you. All writers make mistakes that don’t get caught. But anytime I’m feeling particularly down or embarrassed about one of my own mistakes, I just remember a newspaper columnist friend who once reported in her column the death of a well-known local man ——- only to discover the next day that he was still very much alive. I always feel much better after remembering her experience.


  3. Go to Staples and get blank labels–I think they’re available in colors, as well as white, and numerous sizes–big enough to cover the entire text, or at least the last line. Type them up (in a font to match the top two lines, if you only cover the last line), and stick them neatly over the error. Problem solved, and still nice-looking!

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