Taking Stock: September 2016

Cooking : Ham with a peach butter glaze. I had a half a ham cut into steak slices. I spread a peach glaze on both sides then fried them using medium high heat to caramelize and allow the sauce adhere to the ham better. Delicious!

Drinking : Water, water, everywhere!

Reading: This month I finished the classic, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut . It was the first book I have read by this esteemed author and I did so in an effort to fluff up my “have read list”. It’s a fairly short read and so I got through it quickly but I found myself waiting for it to get good. I think perhaps I shall stick with my favorites for a while and come back to that list a little later. I am currently reading a story by Faye Kellerman, called Street Dreams, this is more to my liking.

Wanting: This artist in residence gig :here

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Enjoying: All of the articles in this issue of The Washington Post Magazine

Liking: The Humanity of Bruce Springsteen

Buying: Home gym equipment that I hope I use: Incumbent Bicycle

Marveling: The Beatles Growing Up

Admiring: This 93 year old (here)

Sorting: My external hard-drive is reaching 75% capacity so I have begun the arduous task of eliminating and sorting photos.

Coveting: a trip up

Taking Stock


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock: September 2016

  1. What a fun list D- 😉
    And I hope you like your bike – I really love mine – and sometimes guests will use it too.
    Oh and the ham descriptive was making me almost smell it!


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