My Quest for LOVE

In Virginia, where I live there is a marketing campaign originally sponsored by the tourism industry and born of the tag line Virginia is for Lovers. It began with a few LOVE signs at some of the Welcome Centers across the state and then genius struck, grants were dangled, and creativity blossomed.

When I was engaged I thought it would be a fun thing to get pictures of the two of us with all the LOVE signs across the state.

This is a picture of my ex and I three months before we broke up.

This is a picture of my ex and I three months before we broke up.

I made an exception when my cousins visited and we got a picture of all of us with the LOVEwork at Luray Caverns.

Cousins and LOVE make me happy!

Cousins and LOVE make me happy!

When my relationship ended my quest continued and I visited Covington Virginia with my friend Carole to see the Humpback covered Bridge and the LOVEworks sign there.

LOVE Letters(w)

I began to learn more about the process and visited this one in Culpeper Virginia, where I really began to fall in LOVE with this art campaign..

Culpeper LOVE(w)

The creativity and sense of community is inspiring. I love the story behind the creation of this one in Waynesboro Virgina.

LOVE in Waynesboro

LOVE in Waynesboro

And this one in Harrisonburg Virginia
LOVE in Harrisonburg

My other quest is to visit all the wineries in the state of Virginia. Sometimes I can combine the two.

And speaking of combining, many times I plan my trips around LOVEworks. Last year I visited my friend Debbie in Roanoke and she helped me find this piece of LOVE art.

Inanimate LOVE(w)# (5)

My blogging friend Patti at A New Day Dawns is trying to lure me to Virginia Beach, where there are a few works of LOVE art, the latest in Portsmouth. I do want to take that trip and hoping it will be next year this time.

In the meantime there is more LOVE to be found nearby.
I’ll keep you posted 😉

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  1. LOVED this post (pun intended) but very well done Dawn.

    I had no idea that there were this many creative LOVE art signs in our state. you sure have been to a lot of them. enjoyed the ones with you in them too – peace (and um, love)


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  3. well just dropping by to let you know we grabbed a LOVE sign picture in Northern VA this week – classic one with a simple holiday wrath – just love it and will post it later- and will vome by to let you know – but of course I thought of you Ms. Photographer Virginia…..


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