Favorite Flowers: Black-eyed-Susan

My favorite flowers come from the Asteraceae family of flowers. They can be described as having a flower head or floral disc made up of hundreds of tiny flowers in its center and are also known as Ray Flowers due to their petal structure. There are hundreds of flowers in this classification but my favorites are Daisies, Sunflowers, Black-eyed-Susan, and Chrysanthemums.

Black-Eyed-Susan’s are especially near and dear to me because they are the state flower of my home state, Maryland.



September Garden Photography: Favorite Flowers

Floral Friday Foto


8 thoughts on “Favorite Flowers: Black-eyed-Susan

  1. I keep missing your links Dawn, I think you put in the tag so I don’t actually get a pingback. If you link direct to a post then I will probably see it better 🙂 Black-eyed Susans or Rudbeckia hirta are gorgeous and how lovely to have them as a native wild flower. I imagine they look wonderful in the wild. We get the cultivars here and they are also very beautiful. I think what we call black-eyed Susan tends to be a climber or creeper – Thunbergia – and comes from Africa. Funny how common names can relate to entirely different species!


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