Weekly Quote: Precious Time

Over the weekend there was a horrendous auto accident on the nearby interstate. It happened just as everyone was trying to get home from work Friday evening. the Interstate was shut down and its tributaries filled to capacity. Facebook was blowing up with updates, warnings, frustrations and prayers. It wasn’t until the wee hours of the morning that we learned a four-year old child lost her life, her father was transported by medi-vac, her mother by ground to two separate hospitals. (You can read about it here.)

Naturally the next collective thought was: Time is short and everything can change in an instant. We then, all reminded each other not to waste time.

But the wasting of time, I think, like anything else, is all about perspective.

There are those that may think my blogging is a waste of time but I enjoy it. I have friends who spend their off days on the golf course, others who build cars just to crash them in a demolition derby.

I say, if it gives you pleasure and gives you JoY, it is not wasted time, but time well spent.


See my facebook page to view all of the posters I have created from quotes.


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