We all Want the Same Thing

I enjoyed the show The Apprentice for a few seasons. I like mindless television when I am tired. I also liked The Housewives of New Jersey for a while, so there you go.

When I visited The Old Post Office Pavilion in DC it was before negotiations were finalized and Trump was just beginning to entertain the idea of saving this beautiful building. I remember being excited and hopeful that Mr. Donald Trump might rescue this building with his expertise, and brand name. The presidential race has slowed the progress of that dream, (as reported here) for now.
Who knows what the future holds.

I get the “Make America Great Again” mentality to some extent.

I see the young people in my life, my son, my nieces, and nephews, clawing their way through trying to make a life for themselves and their families. I get it. I know it is rough out there. Good paying jobs are hard to get and harder to keep.

My parents, in a way, had it easier. They had grown up out of the depression and into a world of unions and domestic manufacturing. Many got jobs making automobiles, telephones, electronics, and on and on and they kept these jobs their whole life. They raised families, bought homes, sent children to college and retired from these jobs with pensions. Those are the days, I believe that so many want to return to. If I thought that was possible I would vote Trump also.

I also understand about protecting our borders. I think that is important. We are a land of immigrants, true, but we have laws, and these laws need to be enforced, not just for the good of those who are citizens but also for those who would seek to become citizens.

I can see the logic in voting for someone who is not a politician. We have grown tired of the BS. One of my biggest disappointments to come out of the Obama years (and I have no doubt it was one of his also) was the inability to bring the two parties together and put an end to bi-partisanship. But here we are, eight years later and the divide is even greater. I too am saddened by the way our elected representatives seem to care more about their interests, the interests of the lobbyists, and in turn their re-elections, than the people they are suppose to represent.

To us peons, many who live pay check to pay check, a multi-millionaire would seem to not “need” the money offered by lobbyists and can’t be bought. That definitely has appeal. I remember voting for a platform somewhat like that in my youth. They called it “Trickle Down Economics”.

I’ve spent some time trying to understand the logic of voting for Trump. I turned off the television and the media who insist that Trump supporters are all racist misogynists and listened to what the people had to say, so I get it, to some extent.

At the end of the day we really all want the same things. Good jobs, safe communities, good schools for our children. I hope that after this election we can work together to create the kind of America that most of us want.


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  1. The key word in your Six is “ALL”, though; and I’m (sadly) skeptical that when Mr Trump says “All of us” he is being as inclusive as you are. All we can do is vote and hope for the best outcome, I guess.

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