Best of the Week: Yellow House in Georgetown

When I was younger I fantasized about having a rowhouse in Georgetown. This was before I realized how rich you would have to be to have a row house in Georgetown and how wonderful it is living in rural Virginia. Still, if I did, I like this one.


After the Civil War, the brick rowhouse made its appearance in Georgetown. It is the Queen Anne rowhouse that found the greatest favor with Washington builders and was also used frequently in commercial architecture. Residential architecture of the 1890s took the form of a rowhouse in a minimalist late Victorian, late Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival styles and various combinations.

I love autumn and every week I get so many beautiful shots it is hard to decide which to use for my Best Of. Click here to see the ones that didn’t make the cut: A Lingering Look at Autumn.

Winter is by no means my favorite season but as a visual person I seek to find the beauty in everything. Click here to see my vision of Winter.

Follow this link to see Summer in my world.


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