Chocolate Tour Windows of Georgetown

This week’s windows are from my recent Chocolate Tour in Georgetown, Washington DC. My friends and I spent an afternoon trolling the city and stopping for bits of chocolate.

Our first stop was at Sprinkles, a delightful cupcake salon where we were served a bite sized cupcake, complete with, sprinkles!


Our next stop was the crowd favorite. Thomas Sweet has served ice cream and chocolate fudge since 1979. We had a generous piece of dark chocolate caramel fudge topped with sea salt. Yummy!


Our next stop was Godiva where we learned a little of the history while sampling a white chocolate square. I must admit in retrospect I was disappointed with this stop. The shelves and cases were full of truffles, in my opinion, a more memorable experience would have been to share some of them.



Our final stop was at Pie Sisters. Here we had a sampling of a pecan pie that had just a taste of chocolate running through it. I love pie so this was one of my favorites for the day.



A Lingering Look at Windows normally posts monthly on the first Thursday of the month but this week I am sharing some windows for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Windows. I invite everyone who would like to join my monthly window challenge to do so any time by simply tagging your post A Lingering Look at Windows For more information about my monthly window challenge please see A Lingering Windows Title Page for 2016.

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