Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Peter and Charlotte

Charlotte picked up the letter left for her. She read the words from her lover and blushed. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and felt certain she was alone. She continued reading and could feel the heat rising. She heard her husband approach and hid the letter in the folds of her dress.

“Good morning Charlotte” he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.
“Good morning Dear” she obediently replied.

“I will be leaving soon for business in the north, and have instructed my younger brother, Peter to look after you”

Charlotte felt her face grow warm at the mention of Peter’s name and she fought to control her excitement.

“He will stay in the guest house until my return. If you need anything Peter will take care of it”.

“Thank you husband, please be safe and don’t worry about me. I’m sure your brother will take good care of me. ”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers uses a picture prompt and asks for stories between 75-175 words. Click here to read all the stories for this week.

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