Sunday Photo Fiction: Monday Morning Dose of Reality

Charlotte sipped her coffee and stared out the window. She heard her husband singing in the shower and she berated herself. Here it was Monday morning again and she’d let the weekend pass without telling him she wanted a divorce. She used to find his singing so endearing but now everything about him annoyed her. He was so unlike Peter.

Peter didn’t sing in the shower, at least not that she knew of. Every time she had been around Peter when he showered she had been with him. Her mind wandered to the last time and the wonderful things Peter had done to her in the shower. She felt her body begin to respond as she sat there looking out at the city sipping her coffee.

She sent Peter a quick message. “My body aches for you” she teased.

She hurried to her room to dress. Her robe dropped to the floor as her husband entered. “Damn woman” he said crossing to her “I’m going to be late for work”.
“Well don’t be” she sneered, but her sarcasm was lost on him.

“Oh, what’s a few minutes?”

Charlotte closed her eyes until it was over.


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge of about 200 words based on the provided photograph. To read other stories click here.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Monday Morning Dose of Reality

  1. I think she should just break up with this guy, it’s like leading him on doing this. I know she’s thinking of her other guy, but honestly, how can she let this guy touch her if he disgusts her like that. Know the feeling, and couldn’t handle it lol. Great write!


  2. As you said, she doesn’t yet know the other man’s faults. She might be stepping out of the frying pan, as they say, into a fire. At least her husband doesn’t beat her. I would try to find my husband’s good points and dwell on them. If she doesn’t know much about the other guy he could also be hiding a marriage. Everyone has faults. Good writing, Dawn. 🙂 — Suzanne


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