Lost in the Woods on the day after Thanksgiving

The Friday after Thanksgiving I was set to visit my sister and her family in a cabin she had rented in West Virginia, about 90 minutes from where I live. I got the address well in advance and plugged it in to my GPS that morning. An hour into my trip I found myself in the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area of West Virginia. The roads were horribly unpaved and rocky, and especially rough on my low-to-the-ground 12-year-old car.

It was an odd place, really. There were lots of hunters and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling a little vulnerable in my Thanksgiving brown sweater.

There was a man-made lake that was so low that stumps of the trees populated the view. I did some research when got home and learned that this area is managed by clear cutting. I suppose that is what gives this area it’s unnatural look.

It may have been the weather, or the fact that I never did find my family and turned around and went home but this place creeped me out a little bit. I’m pretty sure if I had stayed any longer I would have ran into Jack Torrance

I had an idea to link up to Garden Photography: November ~ Woodland but in the middle of composing this post I realized it was December and the new theme was December: Urban Spaces.

8 thoughts on “Lost in the Woods on the day after Thanksgiving

  1. Well I’m glad you linked it anyway! Lovely photos, even if it does look desolate. I know what it is like driving a low-slung car on rough roads! Not a place you’d want to break down in.


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