Best of the Week: Oooh Aaah Pajamas

I didn’t take many pictures this week; its been a busy one. So my “best of” for the week has more to do with the story than the quality of the photograph.

On Sunday my friend Carole celebrated her 65th birthday. She invited a few friends to join her and we gathered at a local restaurant. Naturally she requested no presents, naturally some ignored her. She got a couple of bottles of wine, some gift cards and then the final gift; a pair of fleece pajamas which she and all her spectators ooh’ed and ahh’ed over as if she had received an outfit of the latest fashion, which to many of us, getting older ladies, she did.


Winter is by no means my favorite season but as a visual person I seek to find the beauty in everything. Click here to see my vision of Winter.


One thought on “Best of the Week: Oooh Aaah Pajamas

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