Sunday Photo Fiction: Waiting for Sidney

Angela arranged everything just so. When Sidney came home she wanted her room to be a happy place for her. A place where she had good memories of a life growing up being loved.

She spent the afternoon dusting and vacuuming. She cleaned all her mirrors and thought of her daughters smiling face in each one.

She reached under the bed and pulled out the shoebox. Carefully she looked at each piece. The rock from The Mississippi River, the bottle of sand from their trip to Hawaii. There were other trinkets, a plastic ring from a grammar school boyfriend, and a feather from the injured bird she nursed back to health.

Angela remembered the day she let her go. They stood side by side as Sidney released the bird, tears streaming down her face. Angela had kissed the top of her head that day. It was the last time she kissed Sidney.

Angela looked in the mirror, recently cleaned, and saw her daughter’s face, the tears and all.

She looked around the room, Sidney’s beautiful room, “It would be waiting”, Angela thought and she went downstairs to fix dinner. The boys would be home soon. “They mustn’t see me like this.”


Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge of about 200 words based on the provided photograph. To read other stories click here.

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