Share Your World 2017: Week # 2

If you lost a bet and had to dye your hair a color of the rainbow for a week, what color would it be?  
Probably pink. Is that a color in the rainbow?

Chasing a Rainbow(w)

What was one thing you learned last year that you added to your life?
More than anything, in 2017 I want to find a way to inspire young people, to lead with compassion and empathy. I want to be an example to them in my family, my neighborhood, and in my community. I want them to learn that true success is attained by looking out for each other not just ourselves. I feel strongly that these are the qualities our young people (our future leaders) need to see now more than ever.

If you could choose one word to focus on for 2017, what would it be?
Taken from the thoughts above, I think Inspire needs to be my word for 2017.

If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit other than a cherry would you be..?
How about pineapples? Fresh and juicy and yellow like sunshine!

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
Last week was kind of a bust since my “date” with my sister was postponed. Single digit temperatures kept us all inside! This week’s weather forecast doesn’t look much more promising.

Share Your World 2017: Week # 2


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