Six Word Saturday ~ Some Tools to Battle Fake News

Back in the good ole days we used to stand in line at the supermarket and cringe at the news headlines in “newspapers” such as The National Enquirer (circulation estimate 300,000) Globe, (circulation estimate 300,000) and The New York Post (circulation estimate 500,000).

These tabloid publications are known for mixing  sensationalism and a bit of realism, with a dose of shock and awe. As you can tell by their circulation numbers plenty of people gobble up the stories promoted in what is known as tabloid news. Most of us know to take the articles promoted on their pages with a grain of salt.


Things today are not as black and white and the use of social media has created an abundance of tabloid news, and has disguised it more cleverly to make it appear as legitimate. 

But we can fight back; first by recognizing sensationalism at its core. Here (click) is an in-depth document that lists many of the websites users share information from. I would ask that everyone at least look it over. For a more condensed version, save this image, to your desktop or picture folder and when in doubt, check it out!

Click on the image to see a larger view.


For more reading on this subject click Fake Or Real? How To Self-Check The News And Get The Facts for a link from NPR.


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