Music Monday: Better Man

Music is powerful in many ways. There are several studies that say that music may even help those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and those recovering from a stroke. We have all felt the emotion that music inspires.

I often create these #MusicMonday posts well in advance, one right after the other. I just completed my posts for 1997 and 1998, a very emotional time in my life, because it was when I was in love and about to marry. Sadly that marriage ended in divorce.

That divorce has been more than ten years ago so I am well over it; however reminiscing does have its drawbacks and my feelings of melancholy are the price I pay to craft these posts.

It was therapeutic to find the song, Better Man.

Music Mondays

I have created an album on my facebook page called Words to Sing By to accompany this weekly post. Check it out!


9 thoughts on “Music Monday: Better Man

  1. Thanks for sharing this, music is so powerful. It has the ability to really take you back in time and bring a rush of memories back. Really loving your blog, by the way. What would you say is a song that’s you’ve connected with most?


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