Kitchen Theme: Turquoise

My son and his girlfriend are supposed to close on their house in two weeks (they are both 24 years old). A few months ago, so as to be on the lookout for certain things, I asked her if she had any thoughts to a theme for her kitchen.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “Well”, I told her “some people have roosters, or apples, or like I do, sunflowers”. She looked at my kitchen and agreed,“you do, I never noticed.”

I told her not to worry, that sometimes these things just happen, without even planning and we went on to the next conversation.

The women at the girlfriend’s work gave her a surprise housewarming lunch last week. She got a lot of nice things, including this set of pots and pans from Pioneer Woman.


She received many other kitchen accessories in this same color. When my son got home she was excited to show him and although he was excited too (probably because he was calculating the money he didn’t have to spend) he was perplexed. He asked why everything was in this same color.

“It’s Turquoise!” she exclaimed. “It’s a theme!”

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