Taking Stock: February 2017

Enjoying: Joy

Following: Unexpected Joy, Jim Bachor on Instagram

Cooking : Cubed Steak with mashed potatoes but even better than that was the leftover steak on toasted grain with butter and a splash of hot sauce!

Drinking : Green Tea and Elderberry

Reading: Consumer Reports trying to give my son good advice before he moves into his new home.

Wanting: To be richer, younger, and thinner.

Cringing: At the destruction of decades of progress.

Looking: At the horizon

Playing: Words with Friends (Always)

Waiting: For closing time

Considering Gay Talese

Pondering: Dapping

Marveling: at this unseasonably warm February

Buying: Things for my son and his girlfriend for their new home.

Admiring: Our former President

Disliking: Policy and procedures at work that seem to change weekly.

Feeling: Overwhelmed at times. Underwhelmed at others.

Thanks to Taking Stock for the inspiration.


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