Best of the Week: Made in America!

Often what makes my Best of the Week is more about the story that goes with the picture than the picture itself. This week I had a hard time choosing because there are several stories I want to share. However, my friend Vonnie clinched it for me.

On President’s Day, the three of us visited Waterford Virginia. It’s a tiny town, a village really. Founded in 1733 it’s seeped in history. We love this stuff!

It’s not very big so to find out where to see the best sights we stopped at the Waterford Market. We had to wait a bit because the proprietor’s sheep had gotten out earlier and now a few of the lambs were separated from their mothers. They were making quite a racket and she was trying to sort it out.

We browsed through the store while waiting for her to come back and my friend took some pictures of the merchandise. She later posted some of those pictures on facebook.

That’s when my other friend Vonnie commented: “Waterford Market and sheep farm, owned by a 74-year-old lady, she sheers the sheep, washes, dyes, spins wool into thread makes beautiful hats scarves,socks,gloves,sweaters and sells them now that’s made in America.”…. and I had my choice for best of the week!


Winter is by no means my favorite season but as a visual person I seek to find the beauty in everything. Click here to see my vision of Winter.


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