Six Word Saturday: 50 Things That Make me Happy

1. The Scent of Peonies
2. Sleep
3. My kids
4. My friends
5. The Sounds of Laughter from my children and grandchildren
6. Laughing with friends and family
7. The money I earn from my job, but also any money I might win or is gifted
8. Music
9. Dancing
10. Poetry
11. Writing
12. Blogging
13. Photography
14. Country Roads
15. Fluffy clouds
16. Yellow flowers
17. Recognition
18. Bargains
19. Good food
20. Good wine
21. Sunny 70 degree days
22. Sunrises
23. Sunsets
24. Big hearts
25. People who get me
26. People who inspire
27. Words that inspire
28. Deeds that inspire
29. Love
30. Giving gifts
31. Getting gifts
32. Appreciation
33. Reading
34. My family
35. Rainy days after I have worked the night before
36. A big ole juicy hamburger
37. Chocolate
38. Fresh Air and Sunshine
39. Hotel/motels with indoor pools and free cookies
40. Day trips
41. Weekend trips
42. Sightseeing
43. History
44. Learning
45. Discovering new things
46. A full glorious moon
47. Also a sliver of a moon, the kind that smiles at me
48. Intellectual, thoughtful, stimulating conversations
49. Conversations filled with laughter
50. Recognizing my many blessings

Some time ago I was challenged by my blogging friend PJ to name 50 things that make me happy. I’m finally getting around to it.

Grapevines Soaking up the Sunshine


11 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: 50 Things That Make me Happy

  1. I can tick most of those too, Dawn- slivers of moon and full happy moons included. 🙂 And far be it from me to point out that you have far exceeded your six words. Tee Hee! Not something I would ever do…. Happy weekend!


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