Six Word Saturday ~ Celebrating Women During Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month here in the United States. This is nothing new but from the looks of my facebook newsfeed it’s news to many of my friends. Not any of my former Girl Scouts, I promise you that!

When I was a Girl Scout leader in the 1980’s we celebrated Women’s History Month all March, every March. It helped that March is also Girl Scout Month. We delivered our cookies in March…do you have yours?

March 12, 1912 the first Girl Scout Meeting was held. Every year on the closest Sunday to that date we celebrate Girl Scout Sunday. When I had my Girl Scout Troop we would visit a different church together each year so that the girls could experience different religions and focus on diversity and acceptance of varying cultures.

In my troop, through the month of March. I took my girls and introduced them to influential women about town during the month of March. This was 20+ years ago and I am happy to say that we have even more influential women today.

I hope the women who lead our girls today make time to visit Janet at Pot Town Organics, Debbie at Simply Divine, Pat at Pat’s Deli, Debbie at Kid’s Come First, Chrissy at Cristina’s Cafe, Sharon, Jackie, and Danielle at Queen Street Diner, Cathy at Fox’s Pizza, or my favorite, Tiffany, at Tippy’s Bakery.

Strasburg boasts four women on it’s council. If I had a troop today I would want my girls to meet at least one of these women.

I grew up in the 70’s. Women’s rights have exploded in my life time and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that the young women coming of age today are not faced with the prejudice, the harassment, or the limitations that I was witness to. I only wish they would they would learn their history and celebrate how far we have come!


5 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Celebrating Women During Women’s History Month

  1. I don’t think the girls today realise what battles were fought to give them the choices they have today. Maybe it is up to us to make them aware. I know that I tell my daughters often – and I share with the girls I come into contact with at my job.


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