I Was So Young Five Years Ago….

It’s amazing really; to go back and look at posts from five years ago and see how much my style has changed since then.

A facebook friend invited me to an event (here) to help a local member of the rescue squad who has been diagnosed with leukemia. There is a silent auction so I offered to donate a print. I left it on my porch for pick up one afternoon while I was out running errands. She messaged me later and asked me where I took the picture. I easily remembered because I blogged about it (here).

What a long post! I never post such long posts any more.
Wow, I was kind of insecure then too.
I can’t believe how much I have changed in five years.
I thought I was so wise then.
Am I not wiser now?
Five years from now…wiser still?

How does this fit the theme Over?
Over the bridge.
Over the hill.
Over getting older.
Over being insecure.

Travel Theme: Over

6 thoughts on “I Was So Young Five Years Ago….

  1. I like this. Looking back on old blog posts I cringe at some of my writing – I took it all so seriously. I feel kind of over it all now too. I’m not sure if I’m getting wiser though. Sometimes I think I am getting more disinclined to sweat the small stuff – that includes blog posts. 🙂


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