Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger

Danger is a relative term, in this case, mostly relating to my state of mind. I’m working on a photo project. You might have read about it in my Saturday post: On My Road with Andrei Kushnir. Basically I am trying to recreate paintings by the artist with my photographs. So far, this has taken me on a couple of adventures.

Recently I was on a quest to find the home of another painter, Grandma Moses, in Verona Virginia. If you don’t know who she is visit my post from yesterday, Grandma Moses on Keeping Busy. The house is on the list of National Register of Historic Places, but is privately owned and sits in the middle of an industrial complex. To access the house I had to go down a road marked with a no trespassing sign, twice! The first time I got so paranoid about trespassing I didn’t stay long enough to get every angle. The second time I took an accomplice (someone to pin it on, if we got caught).

I plan to share my stories about these adventures here so watch for these posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger


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