Lingering at Shenvalee Golf Resort with Andrei Kushnir

Last year I was at a show by artist Andrei Kushnir at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. What struck me right away was the places he had painted (in this show) were places I had been. In fact one of his pictures was a view only a half a block from my house. I’ve already blogged about that one, you can read it here. Another was down the road at the Shenandoah University (that post is here). This next one was much further south and in Shenandoah County at the Shenvalee Golf Resort in New Market, Virginia.

While working in this project, I noticed that a photo is often more accurate than a painting. Several times I would try to get the angle just right before concluding that the angle doesn’t exist except for in the painters eye. Another thing that creates a difference is the time that goes by. Some of these paintings were done as early as 2009 and the landscape’s have changed.

The Shenvalee Golf Resort is in New Market Virginia. I had difficulty with this one and tried to use The Knob (the mountain peak) as a reference. See what you think.

I am really enjoying this project. Often the hunt was a story in itself. I plan to share my results here so watch for these posts.

In the mean time you can learn more about the artist by visiting him here or watching him work on Youtube


3 thoughts on “Lingering at Shenvalee Golf Resort with Andrei Kushnir

  1. Out of interest, what lens did you use for your photo, Dawn….if you used a very slightly longer focal length, it might look even more like the painting?..


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